July 18, 2016



Groups provide a learning opportunity about how to promote more health in relationship networks and in self. Systems ideas are presented by the facilitator who uses real life examples. Participants have the opportunity to expand their thinking in collaboration with others. In between meetings they have opportunity to observe new ideas in their real life context.

**it is possible to combine a group with individual consultations and for parents to participate in a group that compliments their adolescent group program.

Upcoming Groups


Confident Parenting Group: Being the best resource for your child/adolescent

Educational and confidence building sessions for parents wanting to foster improved resilience for themselves and for their children/teens.The Family Systems Practice offers a 4 x2 hour sessions for parents who are wanting to increase their confidence and reduce parenting stress. The meetings are designed to provide parents with the opportunity to optimize the way they support their child’s development of self- regulation and age appropriate independent functioning. Parents are given information/worksheets each session to assist with their learning.
**Please call us on 9904 5600 to find out when the next group is running
*An ideal parallel  for parents of those attending the adolescent group.

Adolescent Group: Resilience in Relationships

A group coaching program designed to help adolescents understand their resilience and stress response in the context of relationships.

7 sessions (including one parent information seminar) that utilise the best of evidence based stress management in the context of fostering relationship health. It will cover relationships at home, at school and online. Each session will utilise videos and age appropriate engagement group activities.

For more information about the next group, call us on 02 9904 5600.