August 7, 2017

Lily Mailer Speciality Areas

As a registered psychologist in individual, couple and family therapy, Lily’s specialty areas are as follows:

Relationship Issues (individuals, couples, families and workplace)

Working from a Family Systems approach, Lily has come to understand that one of the main contributors to symptoms and optimal functioning are conflict and distance in our important relationships. Lily works with clients to address all aspects of relationship issues, in a manner that grows their resilience and ability to optimise their life functioning.

Stressful life events

Life presents innumerable challenges to us; many of these are unavoidable and part of the fabric of life, for example the death of a loved one, the unexpected loss of a job, the end of an important relationship, relocation/migration.  These events can result in symptoms of depression, anxiety and loss of self esteem. Lily works with clients to uncover links between the symptoms, and the manner in which clients navigate these challenges.  More often than not, an insight into how our emotions operate can result in a wider range of options to manage difficult circumstances, with an amelioration of symptoms.

Parenting and symptoms in children

As a mother of three young adults, Lily has had her share of challenges as a parent. An effort (Lily assists parents) to identify aspects of their parenting which have come from a place of ‘love’, but have undermined emotional maturity and resilience in their children, has been and continues to be helpful in her own journey as a parent. Lily engages clients in a similar journey, the idea is not to blame ourselves or the child for the challenges faced, but to see the part we play in the emotional dances we have with them  and other important family members.

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