June 22, 2016


Assisting people to manage themselves better in their family and business relationships.

What is Neurofeedback?Neurofeedback FSI 1

  • The use of computer technology (NeuroOptimal Zengar) to receive and provide feedback to and from the electrical energy generated by the brain.
  • Utilising this feedback assists a person to achieve deeper states of relaxation, focused attention and more flexibility in managing mental and physiological states.
  • It can particularly facilitate people to respond more thoughtfully to situations in which they otherwise may react automatically as they adapt to life and relationship challenges.
  • This non-invasive technology allows the brain to adjust to patterns of its brain waves to work more efficiently, enabling greater self-regulation of anxiety and other symptoms that interfere with best functioning.

Who benefits from Neurofeedback?

Anyone can benefit from improved balance in their brain’s functioning and reduction in their stress reactivity. Neurofeedback can be particularly useful for an individual experiencing symptoms or discomfort including physical symptoms; emotional and psychological symptoms and behavioural challenges.

Neurofeedback and Bowen family systems theory?

Neurofeedback trains and coaches you to become aware of very subtle levels of emotional and physical reaction that normally stay unconscious.  In so doing, you can then learn to change the ways you react, particularly in intimate and broader relationships.

How many sessions are necessary?

  • The more intense or prolonged the symptom difficulty, the longer the training.
  • Typically the sessions are scheduled as often as you may require a standard consultation.

What to expect? 

  • Initially you may notice you feel more relaxed, sleep better, and be less emotionally reactive.
  • Further improvements that have been reported with more training include increased alertness and energy levels, occasional vivid dreaming, increased ability to self-regulate difficult emotional states and improvement in response times.

“Zengar neurofeedback decreases reactivity and increases self-regulation.  This allows individuals to experience and act in less anxious ways and with more flexibility in solving relationship problems.  The neurofeedback allows you to experience your own brain’s functioning as it interrupts inefficient patterns that correspond to chronic anxiety in the thinking, emotional, and physical states as described in Bowen theory.”
-Priscilla Friesen, accredited trainer with the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America.

Note Regarding Neurofeedback for Children

Neurofeedback is a valid non- medication option for managing a range of children’s symptoms. At our practice we believe that parent coaching is important when any child is experiencing a difficulty. A parent is the best resource for a vulnerable child . If parents would like their child to have neurofeedback we do require that at least one parent has some parallel parent coaching sessions with one of our counsellors.

What are the Costs?

Please check with our Intake Receptionist for the current Neurofeedback session fee.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note our policy on cancellations or missed appointments: read here.


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