January 11, 2017

Emma Robinson

Psychologist Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson D Psych


  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (Macquarie University)
  • B Psych (Hons 1 University of Sydney)
  • Graduate of Advanced Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory (The Family Systems Institute)


  • Emma is a Fellow of the Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society (FCCLP-APS) and a full member of the APS
  • Emma is an AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist and can proved Medicare rebates of up to $131.65/session for clients who have a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP
  • Private Health Rebates are also available (check with your fund)
  • Emma is an AHPRA approved supervisor for Clinical Psychologists


Emma is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience in professional practice.(She has added couple and family therapy experience over the past 2 years)

She previously worked as a clinical content developer for online psychological treatment programs at MindSpot, Macquarie University.

Prior to her role at Macquarie University, Emma worked at the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression at St Vincent’s hospital where she was involved in both clinical practice and research. She has also worked at Macquarie University Anxiety Research Unit where she conducted child, adolescent and adult assessments and treatment programs.

Emma has completed her Advanced Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Practice and a family of origin research series at the Family Systems Institute.


Tuesdays – 9:15am – 3pm

Wednesdays ~ ZOOM CONSULTATIONS ONLY – 9:45am – 2:30pm

Fridays – 9:15am – 1pm

$250 for 50 minute session.


Emma seeks to assist adults in all aspects of mental health using a variety of frameworks including Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Family Systems Theory. She also sees young people with the involvement of their parents. Emma has significant experience helping people to address and overcome the following difficulties:

Anxiety and Stress

Most people experience anxiety from time to time, and it can often be useful as a motivating force or warning sign. However, when symptoms of anxiety start to interfere with day to day life and relationships it can be helpful to seek professional advice.

Common forms of anxiety include social anxiety (e.g.public speaking or social situations), phobias, generalised anxiety (e.g. worrying too much about different areas of life including work, finances or family), experiencing panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Anxiety and stress can increase at times of change and adjustment, such as sitting exams, having a baby, moving house, or the loss of a relationship or loved one.

Depression and Low Mood

It is normal to have some days which are more difficult than others. However, if mood difficulties become persistent and impact areas like sleep, appetite, hope for the future and relationships, it can be a good idea to get professional help.


When we experience difficulties with anxiety or depression our relationships are often impacted. Relationship difficulties can also affect how we feel day to day. Emma’s approach to relationships is influenced by her Family Systems Training and focusses on what each individual can do within their control to manage present challenges. Emma is experienced in helping individuals improve relationships with family members, friends or colleagues.

Emma has a special interest in working with people from a Christian Background and in Faith based organisations.

AHPRA no: PSY0001338142

ABN: 33646270915

Medicare Provider Number: 2907534J

Accredited to use the PARENT HOPE PROJECT & PARENT CONFIDENCE PROJECT, manualised programs.

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