August 7, 2017

Emma’s Approach

While Emma is committed to utilizing family systems thinking in her approach she also draws on her substantial experience and study of CBT and related approaches.

Emma’s Approach Involves

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has a strong research base that has elevated it to be the treatment of choice in terms of effectively helping people to manage their symptoms of anxiety. CBT is particularly useful in providing techniques which can help decrease physical feelings of anxiety, help people to learn how to challenge thinking styles which make them feel anxious, and enable people to face situations that they may have started to avoid due to stress and anxiety. In terms of a broader picture of anxiety, Emma has a particular interest in how family relationships and different events within families can influence each individual’s anxiety states over time. Family systems theory (and CBT’s relational approach: schema therapy) are particularly useful for those looking to address their difficulties with stress, worry and anxiety more deeply.