March 30, 2021

What the Parent Hope Clinic offers:

A Specialised Parent Counselling Service targeted to strengthening children’s resilience and self-regulation

Are you struggling with a child who is oppositional? Is your child acting out or unmotivated at school? Are you worried about your child’s behaviour? Is your child showing signs of loneliness or anxiety? There are many reasons children can become a concern and source of stress for parents. Raising children in today’s fast-paced world is not for the faint of heart, and it can be overwhelming to deal with dramatic technology and social changes on top of all other parental responsibilities. Added to this stress is the challenge of managing differences with parenting partners.

At the Family Systems Practice, we have a clinic that specialises in supporting parents who are worried about a child- of any age. We draw from an evidence-based manualised program – The Parent Hope Project: our experienced Psychologists / Mental Health Social Workers and Family Therapists tailor the program to meet each parent and family’s specific counselling needs.

Parents can meet for an initial session to gain some perspective on their concerns and to consider whether they would like to receive ongoing support designed to improve their child’s resilience.

In-person or telehealth – Medicare rebates may apply.

The following clinicians are available in this clinic: Jenny Brown, Jacob Lee and Michelle Varcoe.

We are committed to finding appointments for parents within 2 weeks of contact.

The following FSP clinicians are also accredited to use Dr Jenny Brown’s Parent Hope Project manualised parent program:

Lauren Errington, Fiona Taylor, Anna Moss and Craig Foster.

As an alternative intervention to assist a child/young person with mental health concerns. The therapist supports parents in assisting their child/young person’s recovery of resilience.

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A manualised program to facilitate increased parent confidence in the regular challenges of family life.