July 3, 2017

Approach to Supervision

Supervision from a Bowen family systems perspective facilitates a collaboration that works to develop more autonomous thinking in the relationship process between supervisor and supervisee.

Article Extract

“Time after time, clinical cases that are complex, managed by individual clinicians and teams that are overstretched, diminish the capacity for collaborative learning, as supervisors move to function for the supervisee by managing the other’s anxiety, reducing more robust possibilities for learning and engagement. This is very apparent when the supervisor moves into losing neutrality in relation to their preferred theory versus another, is moved to function to manage a supervisee’s distress, reactively finds themselves moving into a triangle with one clinician against another, or asks questions intended to invite a certain and prescribed answer that usurps the desired not-knowing stance. In the context of such complexity an approach based on differentiation of self can provide a lens for increased understanding of and addressing stuck points and growth opportunities in relationships” (MacKay & Brown, 2013, p. 335).